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An exclusive interview with Georgina Musgrave, Sustainability Coordinator on Britannia season 3 (Amazon Studios, Sky, Neal Street Productions, Vertigo Films)

What do corsets, batteries and compost have in common? For Georgina Musgrave, they’re all elements she has to contend with in her role as an environmental steward. While working on Britannia Series 3, she applied her passion for protecting the environment to common production issues in order to reduce waste and minimize the project’s environmental impact.

What is a Sustainability Coordinator and why is it important?

An environmental steward serves as a consultant, researcher, waste manager, and ecology advocate all…

By Nik Bars and Emily Winters

Photo by ETA+ on Unsplash

The term “hacking” usually brings to mind computers, lines of code, spies and dark trench coats. Outside of this popular image, however, hacking is much more simple — and destructive — than you might think.

“Social hacking” is textbook spying technique, used to coerce someone into providing confidential information by means of psychological manipulation. It can be done over a phone call, email, or even in person, and more often than not the victim won’t even realize that they are involved in a hack until it is too late.

You’ve seen it done a…

By Nik Bars, Emily Winters and Hugo Cordier

Photo by Abdullah Aydin on Unsplash

All good adventure stories can’t be told in one installment, and neither can our essential security tips! We shared our best advice on tech security for your production in Part 1. Read on to discover the thrilling sequel tips to keep your production iron-clad!

Consult the oracle — use a password manager

The oracle can see and warn about future events, but it doesn’t take a psychic to know that trying to keep dozens of passwords to individual accounts memorized is a recipe for disaster. You can’t write them down (the hackers!)…

By Nik Bars, Emily Winters and Hugo Cordier

Throughout the ages, sensitive information has been considered a precious commodity. Kings hired selected individuals to carry, deliver and protect this information, while ne’er-do-wells were out to obtain the information by whatever means necessary. In these digital ages, not much has changed. News stories about information leaks, hacking and ransomware are becoming more and more frequent. While all industries are susceptible, the entertainment industry is uniquely vulnerable because of its cultural and financial value.

Photo by Richard Clark on Unsplash

Production offices process huge amounts of sensitive information every day and are, therefore, largely responsible for its security…

Bronwyn Morris has worked on several projects, including The Kissing Booth and Maze Runner. More recently, she worked as a Production Coordinator on Monster Hunter and Prisoner 760, two productions powered by SetKeeper. We had a chat with her to learn more about her career and her experiences during those productions.

Being a Production Coordinator

Bronwyn always loved watching movies. Two of her favorite movies are The Prestige (“It’s a beautiful movie and a really cool story chopping between time”) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (“They create dreamlike environments really well on screen.”)

However, she never considered it…

By Nik Bars and Emily Winters

Starting out as a Production Assistant (PA) is a grueling, but necessary, endeavor for anyone who enters the production world. Just like boot camp or basic training, the first couple of shows a PA takes-on will educate them with the skills and etiquette they need around a set that they will carry with them for the rest of their careers.

This is why it is critical for more senior crew to properly manage these new recruits so that PAs not only learn what they are supposed to, but also how to become a dependable…

By Nik Bars and Emily Winters

“superhero” is marked with CC0 1.0

Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, Batman has his Batcave, Wonder Woman has the beaches of her homeland Themyscira — even if you have superpowers, you need to take time to rest!

Just like superheroes, production professionals battle good and evil on set every day, rescuing department heads, talent, and producers from terrors large and small — all at the speed of The Flash.

Because physical and mental exhaustion increase stress as well as the chance for mistakes, they can lead to serious dangers on set. …

SetKeeper recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar together with Axiom Medical where experts in the medical and production safety fields were invited to discuss the state of the pandemic, how guidelines may look moving forward, and tips that can be used to continue keeping your productions safe.

You can find more information about the webinar here and we have summarized the key takeaways we learned from the experts below.

1 — We need to continue being safe not just when we are on set, but also when we are not

Over the course of the pandemic, productions around…

By Nik Bars and Emily Winters

“Boeing’s new spacesuit” by US Department of State is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Staffing a crew for a film or series is like assembling a crew for a deep space mission; you want to make sure you have the right people in place who you trust, have the skills to keep your ship from crumbling into pieces, and also aren’t going to tear each other’s hair out before the mission is over.

How can you find the best team to take you to where “no man [or woman] has gone before?” …

By Nik Bars and Emily Winters

We all know that a production office can quickly become a three-ring circus. At times it may feel like you’re juggling torches while pedaling a unicycle on a tightrope when revisions are constantly being made to your scripts, you’re getting bombarded with questions over the walkie, and your Executive Producer has made it clear they’re not paying a dime for overtime. At the end of the day when the printer jams — again — you stop and think, “maybe it would have been easier to be an acrobat for Cirque du Soleil?”

We reached…


SetKeeper is an industry-leading platform designed to coordinate the physical production process simply and safely.

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